Belt Slitter

Belt Slitter

Regional Supply offers belt slitting machine. If you're in the belt fabrication business then this a must have . This machine is designed to accommodate a wide variety of belt widths and lengths. With it's sophisticated yet easy to understand controls you'll be up to speed on how to run it in no time.


Belt Slittler 1  Belt Slittler 2  Belt Slitter 5

Belt Slittler 4  Belt Slittler 3

  • Fully automatic controls

  • Up to four meter wide capabilities

  • Rotary and fixed knife

  • Bi-directional motors both ends

  • Easy to see display while still being able to effortlessly oversee the slitter

  • Stainless steel top is standard

  • Many power sources available

  • Up to 24" lateral movement both front and rear optional

  • Custom built slitters to fit customer capacity
    size and layout needs (fixed or moveable trolleys

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